American Right attacks Ban as corrupt

If Ban is selected, we can expect to hear more attacks like this over the next 5 years.

One pundit, Alykhan Velshi calls Ban “a crook”. Velshi works at the same think tank as Claudia Rosset, a reporter who has attacked the UN over the Oil for Food “scandal”.

Another says that Ban will be more “general than secretary” and claims that Ban will put little work in to address corruption.

Regardless of the merits of the allegations against Ban, the allegations themselves will create a ready excuse for US conservatives to attack the UN.


4 Responses to “American Right attacks Ban as corrupt”

  1. AV Says:

    Who says I’m right-wing? And since when has the issue of UN reform been something only the “American Right” cares about? Oh, and thank you for providing the fodder for my piece by popularising the AsiaNews article.

  2. George Roblee O. Imperial Jr. Says:

    just leave that poor k0rean guy alone. let him do his job!

  3. Kimchi Warrior Says:

    Ban will feel right at home in the backdoor shenanigans and corruption of the UN. He’s from Korea and that is how their entire society operates. This is Bolton’s and the current US administration’s element too which is why they supported Ban’s nomination. Birds of a feather.

  4. carol Says:

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