Coup in Thailand

This evening, the Royal Thai military launched a coup against Thaksin Shinawatra’s Thai Rak Thai government. According to the AP, they have seized Bangkok and all its media stations and formed a government with King Bhumibol as head of state. This is a sad blow for the Thais, and must fatally ruin Surakiart Sathirathai’s chances to assume the post of UNSG.

Update: The Defense Minister and Deputy Prime Minister for National Security have been arrested. There is an excellent blog with details here.

2 Responses to “Coup in Thailand”

  1. Alan Kilburn Says:

    Having read through the comments on and, it is found in the comments from the readers from Thailand using the word ‘BUT’ on 2 occasions on the 28th August 2006.

    Do the Thais refers to ‘BUT’ as the Thai palace attendants Butr Paramasrin and his colleague Chit Sinhaseni, some refers to as ‘BUT and CHIT’. as mentioned in Chapter 13, The voilent death of King Ananda of Siam(Thailand) by Keith Simpson of Guy Hosiptal in London.

    It is not only your Thailand that is concerned in the UNSG Selection, the entire world is concerned, individual well-being is concerned. With your Thai culture, what do you mean by ‘I am not a Thai!?’.

    Also, as Keith Simpson, pathologist to British Home Office and founding Chair of Department of Forensic Medicine at Guy Hosiptal in London wrote:

    “Of Thirty three Kings(of Thailand, nine in the Chakri Dynasty), no fewer than one-third were either murdered or murdered their rivals. State officials near the throne has killed their rulers and there had also been other murders in the Royal family, …..”

    From the account here in Thailand, King Ananda Mahidol was murdered by his younger brother Prince Bhumibol Adulyadej, age 19, using a dinner fork during lunch on the 8th June 1946 which both quarrelled over an examination in school in Lausanne, out of Ananda’s anxiety of a favour given by Bhumibol’s teacher which he though may affect his Ph.D. thesis, also in Lausanne in Switzerland. It was extremely violent and King Ananda died on the afternoon on the 8th June 1946.

    Bhumibol lost his right eye and was sent back to Lausanne in the name of further studies which he changed his study subject to Law and Government so that he need not go for lectures regularly, and also in a cover-up of a car accident to perform plastic surgery on his injuries.

    The account given by both King Bumibol Adulyadej and his wife Queen Rajawongse Sirikit in the British Television interview in the 1980’s were false. It was said that it is due to drugs offered and corruptions to the Television producers. So do Keith Simpson, as he wrote in his words at the end of the chapter “it was, after all, only history’ — An inner feeling of a British ‘historian’. In the Thai way of so-called folding a six-even-word, it reads as “it history, was only, after all”. Other author like Rayne Kurger from South Africa wrote: “Kiss the truth before good-bye”.

    For the Thai candidacy of the UNSG Selection, should any future candidates for any important world assignments from Thailand come under strict and thorough validation in all future?

    Remember the Thais has groups and rings of drugs traffickers and prosectutions all over the world, cautions and measures need to be taken.

    Also confirmed from here in Thialand that the under-age son and mistress of King Bhumibol are now living in Siem Reap in Cambodia, both can be easily found in Siem Reap and the so-called Spanish lover, Dr Adisai Buharamik is said to had intimate relationship with the Queen of Thailand and also the Caucasian-looked man as regular inmate.

    The Thais are considered as Indo-china culture, in view of the military coup, all foreigners living here in Thailand will soon come to terms with a daily life of Thai Military. Should the world take a even closer look at Thais, Thai Royals and Thailand, despite the Thais has taken full advantages of the UN and other presents here in Thailand, beneath the Thai smile you see when you first arrived in Thailand?

    Thank you for your attention.

  2. Lipo Online Says:


    Great Lipo Posts,excellent thanks

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