Uganda and Kenya support Shashi

The Indian Minister for Overseas Indian Affairs was in Africa recently and claims to have Uganda’s and Kenya’s support for Shashi Tharoor, reports the Indian press:

Two key African countries Uganda and Kenya have expressed their support to India’s claim for permanent membership of UN Security Council and Shashi Tharoor’s candidature for the post of UN Secretary General.

The support was conveyed to Minister for Overseas Indian Affairs Vayalar Ravi during his visit to these countries which concluded yesterday.

Recently, Ravi has committed India’s support for Uganda’s hydro-electrical sector. It appears that he has also asked both of these countries to help get support from other African Union countries.

Note that last week, there was quite a lot of activity involving Ghana.


One Response to “Uganda and Kenya support Shashi”

  1. Insha Allah Says:

    Insha Allaha Says:
    All candidates are politicians who never had any concerns towards UN & the world in their life time other than Mr. Tharoor.There seems… there can be many stars in the blue sky, but only one genuine bright moon.(Shashi means Moon).Accepting the glory of this truth in humbleness is the reflection of one’s greatness.Uganda & Kenya ‘s support reflect their genuine greatness.
    If Mr.Ban & Mr. Ghani who limited their service to S.Korea & Afghanisthan & became,Foreign Minister, Finance Minister,(Ghani worked just as a special advisor to UN only after September 11th,) without dedicating to the whole world through out his life time of 28 yrs like Mr. Tharoor, can aspire to be UNSG, i wonder what should Mr. Tharoor deserve for & aspire for?Is there any job/honour like Father Of United Nations OR Father UNSG?If so pls award it to Mr. Tharoor.

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