Tharoor comments on concerns regarding using UN resources in his campaign

In response to an allegation made by one of our readers Shashi Tharoor has clarified his use of UN resources in his campaign. We reprint his statement on our blog below:

My attention has been drawn to this comment. I’d like to clarify to anyone who shares these concerns that my attempts to promote my candidacy are on my own time, using my earned leave accumulated over many years, and including no use whatsoever of the UN’s time or resources. I would have much preferred not to have to campaign, but the campaigns of other contenders left me no choice.

I trust my response reaffirms my commitment to transparency.

3 Responses to “Tharoor comments on concerns regarding using UN resources in his campaign”

  1. Tony Says:

    Anyone concerned about any use by Tharoor of UN resources toward his campaign might be as amused as I was to discover that his website has a “pop-under” which is an advertisement which usually provides some payment to the website owner.

  2. Shashi Tharoor Says:

    Just saw this. I wish to clarify that I have never authorized any advertising on my website or received any payment whatsoever from it. I shall inquire with the website administrators what this “pop-under” may be about.

  3. Gordon_ba Says:

    Check this out!

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