Human Rights dogs Sathirathai in Latin America

This week, Sathirathai goes to Argentina and Peru. The same human rights group that has attacked Sathirathai for his human rights record (here, here, and here) is now publicly asking the Foreign Minister of Argentina to raise this issue:

The Hong Kong-based Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) called on the Argentine Foreign Minister, Jorge Taiana, to raise the issue following the South American nation’s jailing this month of police officers for forced disappearances there.

In an open letter to Taiana, AHRC urged the Argentine government to seek commitments from Surakiart – who is visiting the country to seek support for his bid to become United Nations secretary-general – that Thailand would end abductions and killings by police and soldiers, particularly in the restive southern border provinces.

In addition to the campaign aspect of this, we do believe that this is the first time that an NGO has openly campaigned against a candidate for UNSG. This marks an important change in UN politics. As a sidenote, we wonder if other NGOs and NGO groups (like will take such a high profile on other issues.

4 Responses to “Human Rights dogs Sathirathai in Latin America”

  1. Chapter15 » Blog Archive » Power of NGOs: Dhanapala and Shashi respond to UNSG questionnaire Says:

    […] Chapter15 Looking at the race for the next UN Secretary General « Human Rights dogs Sathirathai in Latin America […]

  2. Chapter15 » Blog Archive » Human Rights NGO continues campaign against Sathirathai Says:

    […] Last week, we pointed out an open letter sent by the Asian Human Rights Commission to the Foreign Minister of Argentina about Surakiart Sathirathai. The Bangkok Post has reported on the meeting and its follow up: Argentina understands Thailand’s position on human rights and has no problem with Deputy Prime Minister Surakiart Sathirathai becoming UN secretary-general, said an aide for Mr Surakiart. Sorajak Kasemsuwan said yesterday that Mr Surakiart had met with Argentine Foreign Minister Jorge Taiana, who, he said, had expressed understanding for the human rights situation in Thailand. […]

  3. Satit Says:

    Dear all readers:

    I followed the race to the UNSG position quite closely but never wrote any comment, until now. I really do not understand why the Asian Human Rights Commision (AHRC) keeps picking on Surakiart, but no one else, so I began my blunt search. I found that the person who wrote all letters is its executive editor, Mr. Basil of Sri Lanka and the administration Boards consist of members of South Korea, India and Sri Lanka. That gave me quite a good answer, but I really would like to hear it from Mr. Basil.

    All 4 countries with UNSG candidates have records of human rights violations with different degrees of seriousness and all of them were reported of previous misconducts!. I really don’t want to compare all 4 countries with ergard of human rights violations, but according to AHRC websites. Sri Lanka was reported most with many hundreds news release, statements and/or publications, followed by India with close to 100, Thailand with about 30, and South Korea with about 10-20.

    Blaming it all to Surakiart, former Minister of Foreign Affairs and currently Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand is unethical to me. Perhaps persons with more responsibility should be minister of interiors, minister of justice? Mentioning nothing about other candidates from Sri Lanka, Korea, and India can be reasonably assumed that these countries have done perfectly in the past and really doing well at present. I truely disagree with Mr. Basil’s logic. Continuing attacking Surakiart only further discredit himself, if he still has some remaining. Readers of AHRC can think and I believe this effectively hurt Dhanapala, his countryman comrade, and possibly others. I don’t think any of them like it the way you try to please them, Mr. Basil.


  4. Paul Alan Drat Says:

    I like to draw your attention to the common corruption techniques from Thailand in the selection of a new UN Secretary General.

    Corruptions, a common live practice in Thailand, oftenly a must and a habit, be employed as a wide-spread techniques for the candidature of Surakiart Sathirathai.

    Will giving bribres and grifts be involved, or included, in the lobby at the United Nations?

    How impressive it is on the internet pages of the candidates for the selection of a UN Secretary General!

    Shall we take another interesting look at Surakiart and his country Thailand, the missing stories will then be known to the world, and for all future candidates.

    Just a poor runners-up, is he?

    Search through the Chapter15 website and, you will find lots of wonderful comments from Thailand.

    Do you think the UNDP award to King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand on 26th May 2006 should come into questions, in relations to possible corruptions, favour offered or favour invested in the Thai candidacy?

    Do you think it is shameful, disgraceful and inaproiate as an ASEAN member and his origin : Thailand.

    Should major world bodies like to see an accurate and comprehensive report on the Thai candidature after the selection, other than the 3 counts mentioned on the UNSG websites? As Asian Human Rights Commission asks : What are your qualifications to be UN Secretary General?

    Small wonderful world, isn’t it?

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