Deva campaign continues

Niranjan Deva-Aditya told the press in Sri Lanka last week that he has 5 nominations:

received Asian, Pacific, Caribbean and European assistance to nominate him as the UN Secretary General post.

Speaking to media Mr.Deva Adithya declined to disclose countries, which backed to him, but assured to disclose all details in an International press conference, which is to be held shortly in UK or EU‘s …
However I have not forwarded my nomination papers in yet. I have direct links with 103 countries, which come under the UN flag. On a daily basis I deal with them.”

Deva also reported, “I have special connection with the Chinese government.” This is probably a reference to his recent trip to China.

Note that this was done in Sri Lanka. It is clear that his entrance is dependent on Dhanapala’s backing out, and it may be that his public statements hurt Dhanapala. As we have pointed out, this is also Goh’s strategy to a viable candidacy.

One Response to “Deva campaign continues”

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    […] Note that Deva claims to have more support and he has recently been to China. […]

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