Sathirathai as ASEAN candidate, not the Thai candidate

Surakiart Sathirathai gave an interview  to Channel News Asia about his candidacy for UN Secretary General. First of all, he says that the political chaos in his country will not effect his candidacy. Why, you might ask?

I am an ASEAN candidate, I am not a candidate of Thailand. Leaders of ASEAN have endorsed my candidature in December 2004 and the reason that ASEAN countries decided to put up a candidature early is because we believe in global good governance and transparency. As ASEAN candidate the politics of only one country in ASEAN has no bearing to the candidature as such.

This line seems like a response, contrast, and invocation of Shashi’s line about being an “Indian Secretary General” not “India’s Secretary General”. It is also reminiscent of Ban’s statement about his own candidacy, which we also found deeply disappointing.

It would also seem that he would have to be accountable for the problems of ASEAN. Indeed, the Malaysian press has argued that Sathirathai has suffered over his country’s relationship with Myanmar and ASEAN’s silence.

Sathirathai also discussed his position on reform:

The UN cannot do everything. UN can do something. Whatever the UN is going to do, the function of the UN has to be effective, accountable and transparent. The UN has to be the paragon of good governance so that it can be the place that people have faith in. In order to be that, the UN has to go through a serious management reform so that the work of the UN can be transparent and accountable.

As the Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of a deeply, deeply corrupt government, how can he do this? He cannot possibly have any credibility on this issue. Silence from the interviewer.

In addition, the interview did not address recent Human Rights and competency criticisms (here and here) that have been layed at Sathirathai.

Channel News Asia reports that they will interview Dhanapala this week. We are looking forward to that.

2 Responses to “Sathirathai as ASEAN candidate, not the Thai candidate”

  1. » Blog Archive » An August Lull Says:

    […] Surakiart will also be visiting Argentina and Peru, followed by trips to Africa. His perception as a potential leader of the world body suffers from the situation in Burma, and he is routinely dismissed in editorials at home. Chapter 15 takes an interesting look at Surakiart, and particularly his pregnant claim to be ”an ASEAN candidate…not a candidate of Thailand.” […]

  2. Williams Says:

    THAI candidate for UN Secretary General :Surakiart Suthirathai.

    I may not know well about the selection of the UN Secretary General, I do have some background information about Thailand. I like to put to you three questions of concern:
    1. Slogans concerning THE KING HAS THREE SONS.(Refer to the under-age son of the King of Thailand now living in Cambodia with his mistress and who is the father of the new borned grandson.)
    2. Nicknames of SPANISH LOVER and WHITE LOVER with the Queen of Thailand.(Refer to Adisai Bodharamik, a former minister and a european-looked Malay man from southern Thailand.)
    3. The murder of the brother of the King of Thailand, from all accounts, it all says that is the King of Thailand himself, on the 9th June 1946.(Obvious.)

    It is well-known here in Thailand that the Thai candidate Surakiart Suthirathai has sexual and also marriage problems, some published on the local Thai language newspapers. His father-in-law M L Taweesan LADAWAN, who married to the sister of the Queen of Thailand and a councillor of the Thai Privy Council for many years, is a Russian-pro Royal Thai and the close brother-in-law of the King of Thailand, died of heart failure on the 7th April 2006.(Need to compile from the six to seven local Thai language newspapers, –not just the two foreign English language newspapers in Thailand, The Nations and Bangkok Post–, and put ON RECORD for the selection process.)

    Concerning also the activities of Mr Banharn Silpa-Archa, the former PM of Thailand who hold the Euro-Asia Summit in Bangkok in 1996, causing many physique problems for european leaders during the Summit.(On file and well-known.)

    Other concerned topics in Thailand include DURGS TRAFFICING, HUMAN TRAFFICING and SEX TOURISM in addition to the scandalous, corrupted and hidden government and royals.(Any official governmental or commercial activity in Thailand runs away from these three issues.)

    Will the UN become more LEAGUE OF NATIONS PRONE should someone like the Royal Thai Surakiart Suthirathai from Chulalongkorn University of the CHAKRI DYNASTY(from the Iranian tribes group) be elected?

    Lt Gen William P Yarborough, a US Special Forces commander and a close friend of the Crowned Prince of Thailand, as it is known to every Thai here in Thailand, who can traced his ancestry to the Battle of Hastings in England, passed away on the 6th December 2005, one day after the King of Thailand birthday, and A DAY BEFORE the birthday of the eldest grand-daughter Princess Bajrakitiyabha of the King of Thailand, from the Crowned Prince first divorced marriage, now working at the Thai Permanent Missions to the United Nations in New York and has just FINISHED A TOUR TO OREGON FROM THAILAND.(BE VERY CAREFUL, it concern religious rules of major religions, note that the 6th December is the St Nicholas Day in Europe and WHAT IS THE IMPLICATIONS OF SUCH A DATE FROM THE THAI ROYALS TO THE AMERICANS? Also note that the third daughter of the King of Thailand Princess Chulabhorn Walailak, borned 4th July 1957 in Bangkok, Thailand, is now on royal visit to New York. Whose birthday is a few days before the 7th December? PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL.)

    Also with concern the 60th anniversary of the King of Thailand accession to the throne, with 25 foreign royals and guests, many from the middle-east countries, which is un-usual in Indo-china.(List of guests can be found on

    You may also remember that Thailand declared war on United States and Britian in January 1942 during the Japanese invasion to Burma. The United States cut off oil supplies to Thailand in April 1941, Thailand then allied with Japan, allowing Japanese troops to pass through Thailand to attack Burma and Malaya. The Thai crime was covered up by the Thai Embassy in Washington in the name of a Free Thai Movement.(Should and must put on children textbooks.)


    Thank you for your attention and I hope the information is useful for you which I am currently in Thailand hopefully only for a short period.

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