UNSG race as North versus South

Bloomberg has an interesting article on the UNSG race today. It seems to argue that this race is simply North versus South or P5 versus GA. The Egyptian Ambassador says that the GA may reject the UNSC's pick:

We want a greater say. The General Assembly made a mistake by never turning down a candidate from the Security Council. It might happen this year.

The Indian Ambassador says:

"Things have to be different … This is a year of reform. The world has changed. The Cold War has ended and democracy is expanding. This should be reflected in the selection process.

This is interesting from Shashi's campaign manager. Of course, Shashi is running an incredibly public campaign. While still primarily in India, he is speaking to the press about his candidacy, something that other candidates simply are not doing in the same way. He is making policy statements to the microphone, not in papers or meetings.

The article also points out the management fights:

The U.S., EU and Japan, which together contribute 80 percent of the UN's budget, have threatened to cut their support unless the General Assembly — which consists of the world body's 191 members — cedes more control to the secretary- general over spending and the hiring and firing of employees.

In this context, Shashi is talking about his own management at the UN:

I am absolutely convinced that reforms are essential. I set about reforming my own department, which was in a bad shape and even shut down eight offices in the West. It's a model for the rest of the secretariat

Perhaps Pakistan is saying it best now:

it will be critical that the new guy come in and put the building back together.

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