More Speculation on a Pakistani Candidate

We have heard further speculation in the last several days that Pakistan would be fielding a candidate. Initially, this speculation appeared to be simply a response to India's nomination of Shashi Tharoor. However, we have heard from several sources that a rationale may be emerging to support a Pakistani candidate: putting a face on the world's acceptance of moderate Islam.

The reasoning here is that a moderate Muslim could try to build bridges in the "conflict of civilizations" between the Muslim world and the West. This would be a shift of emphasis that the United States, especially, might appreciate.

The choice of Nafis Sadik would be a particularly interesting, being a woman, a UN insider with an excellent reputation, and a Muslim. This would build a coalition across several constituencies. Other candidates are also possible. On the other hand, a woman might be too hard a sell to the Muslim world.

Will this go anywhere? We don't know yet. But the chatter is getting louder…

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