CFR: India: The New Star of Asia

CFR has an small piece on the rise of India:

India is entering an unparalleled period of growth and accomplishment. The country's economic development—rooted in skilled labor, outsourcing, and the high-tech industry—is so dramatic that TIME heralds "the rise of the Indian elephant." The implication is that the rest of the world will need to make room.

Thinking like Americans, they point out:

Some experts say a close alliance with India is also a way for the United States to hedge against China's growing dominance in Asia. The complex relationship between India, China, and the United States is examined in this Backgrounder.

The burst of pride associated with Shashi's candidacy is clearly related to this. Shashi is clearly grounded in India and has a strong relationship with the US, especially US progressives like those at the Center for American Progress, with which both of his twins are associated.

As has been established. China is in the drivers seat in this selection process. Where will it go? And how does it view its relationship with India?

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