Ban for UNSG: Thanking the World for Korea’s success

That's really what he says in his interview with UNA-USA's Ayca Ariyoruk. Ariyoruk asked why he wanted to be UNSG. Ban Ki-Moon replied that:

South Korea desired to pay back the United Nations for the military and economic assistance it had received during and after the Korean War. Minister Ban believed that there was a “special relationship between Korea and the United Nations."

Ban presents South Korea as a bridge between the North and South:

We know that we are positioned to play a crucial role between developed and developing countries. We have started from virtually nothing – from the ashes of the war to become one of the major economies of the world. From an authoritarian dictatorial rule we became a free democratic country, respecting the principles of democracy and human rights. All these aspects of our experience could be a model for many members of the United Nations. In fact, a number of developing countries would like to emulate the process of our economic and political development.

Aside from the point that he's probably not talking about having 30,000+ US soldiers on their territory for two generation, something strikes us about this. This is an argument for why a South Korean should be UNSG, not why Ban Ki-moon should be.

Ban Ki-moon tells us directly that his candidacy is not about himself. We recently pointed out that the issue of national identity is taking an increasingly central role in this race. From the national pride of India to these kinds of statements from Ban.

We do believe that if Ban wants to be UNSG, he needs to address his own qualifications, not those of his country.

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