Deva calls for Energy Policy for Developing World

Sri Lankan Ambassador and MEP Niranjan Deva-Aditya (aka Nirj Deva) is one of the unannounced candidates for UNSG. This week, he is in Vienna with the ACP-EU Parliamentary Assembly, where he is the head of the EU delegation.

He issued a report, along with Mauritius MP Nita Deerpalsingh on the need for an energy policy in the developing world, a theme that we have heard he has hit repeatedly in his stump speeches as he has toured New York and national capitals.

Deva says:

Our report is not the Bible of solutions of the problematics of energy in ACP countries: this is a continuous process, also due to the unpredictable price of energy. This report is a starting point, it provides specific indications of the energy potential in the ACP States, so that strategies can be directed towards optimally developing this potential, thereby allowing these states to secure the cost and volume of their energy supply.

Incidentally, the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly is an interesting multilateral parliament:

The JPA brings together 78 Members of the European Parliament and parliamentarians from the 78 African, Caribbean and Pacific States which are signatories of the Cotonou Partnership Agreement. The ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly is the only international assembly where the representatives of different countries meet with the sole aim of promoting North-South co-operation. The plenary sessions are held twice a year, alternating between an EU Member State and an ACP country.

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