Copenhagen Consensus: Opportunity to campaign for Shashi

An interesting event completed in Washington last week (June 16-17). The Copenhagen Consensus sponsored an event for UN ambassadors to prioritize development interventions.

In addition to the fascinating results, we notice which ambassadors were invited:

The countries represented were China, India, Pakistan, Tanzania, Thailand, the United States, Vietnam and Zambia. The meeting was chaired by Dr. Bjorn Lomborg of the Copenhagen Consensus Center, and co-chaired by Nobel Laureate Douglas North and editor Clive Crook.

In other words, the day after Shashi announces, the Indian ambassador, named campaign manager, was in Washington for two days with the US and Chinese Ambassadors. In addition, the Thai ambassador was present, surely to his discomfort.

Surely the coffee breaks were as interesting as the discussion.

My sense is that the timing suggests that the US is less on board with Shashi’s nomination than some press is trying to argue.


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