(Another) Central Asian Security Summit

The Central Asian diplomats must be exhausted. During the week, they completed groundbreaking meetings at SCO. At the meeting, Iran and India applied for membership to the new regional forum. This weekend they all go to Kazakhstan at the Conference on Interactions and Confidence Building Measures in Asia.

The campaigning is fierce. The Thais are represented by Prime Minister Thaksin. Thaksin reports the support of the Kazakh President:

Mr Thaksin claimed the Kazakh President "renewed" his country's support for Thai Deputy Prime Minister Surakiart Sathirathai in contesting the post of secretary general of the United Nations. Mr Zarbayev made no public statement on the issue.

We are not sure how much to believe that statement. The same newspaper reported several days ago that India was strongly supporting Sathirathai and that the government was delusional about claims of 130 votes for its candidate.

India is also a member of the organization. The Indian candidate himself, is flying to Delhi to meet with senior government officials and generate a strategy. The consensus emerging in the Indian press essentially agrees with our analysis that China and the US are problems for Shashi, while Pakistan is a bad annoyanceThe Indian opposition seems to be solidifying in opposition to Shashi's candidacy over the issue of a UNSC seat.

And South Korea joined this weekend. Ban Ki-moon just came from talks in Moscow.

No news on Dhanapala, but what else is new?

2 Responses to “(Another) Central Asian Security Summit”

  1. imon Says:

    just wanted to ask.. you mentioned that Indian opposition is solidfying in opposition to tharoor’s candidate. can you please tell me what is the source for that news…
    If you got it from people’s daily, i think it is more an insight into the chinese thinking, rather than a factual reporting of the indian political drama.
    I am saying that because none of the major political parties in india, opposition or otherwise, have yet made any statement on tharoor’s candidature..

  2. imon Says:

    sorry.. just another thing.. why didn’t the chinese report mention the name of the parties.. there are so many opposition parties, at the national and regional level and a joint statment by scores of parties is unheard of.

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