Report on SCO meeting

Several days ago, we mentioned that the Shanghai Cooperation Organization was meeting in Shanghai.

A Kazakh was elected SCO Secretary-General. And a number of declarations were released. The main one is here.

It does not appear that much candidate action occurred, but the Chinese press reports that the one of the declarations had good stuff on reform and the UN:

"The SCO holds that the United Nations, the universal and the most representative and authoritative international organization, is entrusted with primary responsibility in international affairs and is at the core of formulating and implementing the basic norms of international law,"

We do note that this formulation excludes human rights or even development from the role of the UN. This is quite fascinating. Of course, with Uzbekistan (which has been known to boil people, kick out the UNHCR, and still endorse Ban Ki-moon for UNSG), Russia, and China as members, human rights might be a problem. Indeed, Human Rights Watch comments on the human rights issues in SCO.

On reform, the declaration says:

"No time limit should be set for the reforms, nor should a vote be forced on any proposals over which there are major differences,"

We suspect that Bolton does not share this view…

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