India names Shashi’s campaign manager

India's ambassador to the UN, Nirumpam Sen, will "run" Shashi's campaign, according to reports in the Indian press. There are some interesting statements by Sen:

Sen spoke of the road ahead and dismissed Pakistan’s statement that Tharoor’s candidature sent out a “strong message” that India was giving up on its bid for a permanent seat on the United Nations' Security Council. And if India had to choose between its bid for a permanent seat and its nominee for the top post at the UN, it would go for the Security Council seat.

It sounds like they may not be focusing on Shashi. Surely they don't think that they can get both? 

He further added that they are going to pursue permanent membership of India and comprehensive reform of the Security Council, including an expansion of both the permanent and non-permanent seats, very vigorously. And the proof of this is that the G-4 have asked the General Assembly to schedule a debate on precisely this kind of reform of the Security Council – either towards the end of June – or the first week of July with a view to bringing matters to a head and taking action.

“We are actually asking for reform in the 60th session, if possible. So, therefore, there is no reason for anyone to think this implies any diminution, even in the slightest degree, of our quest for permanent membership. In any case, it’s clear that India’s permanent membership of the Security Council is far more important than the fortunes of an individual,” he quips.


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