Chinese report Indian opposition opposes Shashi

Update: It appears that the Chinese jumped the gun…. From DNA India:

"It would be a matter of honour for India if an Indian were elected to the highest office in the United Nations," the senior BJP leader told Tharoor who met him at his residence on Tuesday.

This might be more interesting because of where it is reported and how than what it actually says. We think that this is confirmation of Chinese discomfort with an Indian, as predicted by the Thai and us.

The People's Daily reports:

However, the Indian opposition issued a statement against the Indian government's nomination of Tharoor. It said that India is now an emerging global power and strong candidate for a permanent seat with a veto on the UN Security Council.

"Hence it will be wholly inappropriate and inconsistent with India's global importance to have an Indian as the Secretary General of the United Nations. The post should go to the small Asian nations," said the opposition parties in the statement.

And, interestingly, they seem to play up his book writing and all the things that Shashi wants to after he leaves the UN. It's even the first paragraph of the story:

"One day, there will be a post- UN life, and then I hope to find the time to explore these ideas on paper!" Shashi Tharoor once said. But that day may become more distant if he could succeed Kofi Annan as United Nations secretary general later this year.

As UN under secretary general for Communications and Public Information now, Tharoor, the author of eight books in English, said he has far more book ideas than the time to write. Tharoor is the winner of several journalism and literary awards, which include a Commonwealth Writers' Prize in 1991 and the Excelsior Award for excellence in literature in 1998 presented by the Association of Indians in America and the Network of Indian Professionals.

In 2001, Tharoor said: "India has always mattered to me, and in my writing, I'd like to matter to India — or at least to my Indian readers."

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