Thai government “caught off guard” by Shashi

This is great stuff. Someone at the Bangkok Post does not like Sathirathai. Check out these excerpts:

New Delhi's announcement that it is fielding an Indian in the race for the top job at the United Nations has caught the Thai government by surprise … said it had long been expected that Shashi Tharoor, the UN undersecretary-general, would join the race to succeed Kofi Annan

No one had thought the Indian government would nominate Mr Tharoor, the sources said.

According to the sources, the Thai side, nevertheless, was still confident Mr Surakiart would come out on top since India might not win support from China while the United States might not reverse its position that it would not back any candidates from the UN.

Recall that Sathirathai had claimed that he had the support of 130 countries. One of those was India:

However, former ambassador Surapong Jayanama pointed out that the announcement would ''discredit'' the Thai claim that its candidate, Mr Surakiart, had won overwhelming support from 130 of all 190 UN countries, including India.

''Actually, the countries that eventually announced their candidates had the courtesy to refrain from arguing the Thai claim. So the Thai government is fooling itself and the entire nation that these countries have backed our candidate,'' he added.

Finally, echoing some of our concerns about Shashi's candidacy: 

However, he believed Mr Tharoor stood only a small chance of winning the contest since India, as a large country, had so many interests to protect and because, as a nuclear power, it was still in conflict with China, one of the UN Security Council's five permanent members.

2 Responses to “Thai government “caught off guard” by Shashi”

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