More on Shashi’s announcement

This is now all over the Indian press. Times of India has a nice article. Some excerpts:

But apart from Tharoor, Dhanapala, one of the strongest candidates for the top job, is the only other with a long stint in the UN.

Tharoor's advantage is that though he is identified with India, he is not part of the Indian government, not even the foreign service. However, he is also known to be one of Kofi Annan's favourites and this could go against him.

But the really interesting bit is the part about what Shashi has to do about reform:

In fact, to promote his candidature, Tharoor will now be required to come up with a script for UN reform that marks a qualitative improvement upon Annan's, and, more acceptable to countries like US which will have a decisive say in determining who gets the slot at stake.

Thus far, he has stuck to the spirit of the reform exercise, saying: "The UN needs reform not because it has failed but because it has accomplished enough over the years to be worth investing in."

More later.


2 Responses to “More on Shashi’s announcement”

  1. rakesh mohan jha Says:

    Why Bangalore? Why not Gurgaon, Delhi, and Noida?
    I was just wondering that why is Bangalore the silicon valley of
    India? Why not any other city? There is a great divide between
    North India and South India in terms of software.

    South India is becoming rich because of software revenues but
    that is not happening in north india. Almost all the good
    colleges are in North India, yet all the money is going to South

    I was working in Bangalore but came back to Delhi. Besides, I
    never felt quite comfortable in software firms in Bangalore. I
    always felt the under-currents of regional politics. I always
    saw people from same southern state huddling together.

    Almost all the top positions in firms in Bangalore are occupied
    by south indians. And I really do not believe that north indians
    are not intelligent, or are not hard working? North Indians are
    more business oriented, if they take software seriously, they
    can earn more money than south indians. Besides, who
    promoted India as an IT destination – graduates from IITs in
    1980s and 1990s. And who joined IITs at that time – North
    Indians. So, it is because of north indians that india has got
    so much business in IT. But the fruits of IT
    (money and prestige) are being reaped by south indians.

    Shouldn’t north indians give a big push to software in the north. The money earned will erase atleast 50% poverty of north india. Crime rates will also come down because of more employment.

    So, why do north indians want to work in south where the work environment is politicized, and favors south indians?

  2. Sam Morrison Says:

    Aren’t you ashamed of playing regional blame game for your personal failures. There are geographical, historic and cultural factors that caused Bangalore to prosper. Credit for that goes to all Indians, North, South East West.
    It’s because of people like you that Pakistanis may eventually take over parts of India.

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