Congo-Brazzaville Foreign Minister to Seoul

Recently, Ban Ki-moon has met with the Presidents or Foreign Ministers of Tanzania and Ghana, two of the three UNSC members.

The Foreign Minister of Congo-Brazzaville, the third, will be arriving in Seoul over the weekend. The Korea Herald reports:

Foreign Minister of Congo Rodolphe Adada will visit Korea from Friday to Tuesday, the Foreign Ministry said yesterday.

While in Seoul, Adada will pay a visit to President Roh Moo-hyun, meet Foreign Minister Ban Ki-moon and visit industrial sites.

Congo is currently the chair country for the economic alliance of Central Africa and also host nation of the African Union.

Ban said in a press conference that Adada's visit will raise the level of Korea's diplomacy toward the African continent.

In previous visits (details here and here), foreign aid has been offered. What will it be this time?


7 Responses to “Congo-Brazzaville Foreign Minister to Seoul”

  1. Chapter15 » Blog Archive » Ban Ki-moon travels to Africa Says:

    […] This follows a trip to Seoul by the Foreign Minister of Congo-Brazzaville, the AU President and a Security Council member, last week. We wonder what great new aid proposal he will offer to the Africans. […]

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