Ban campaigns on reform and passes out (more!) cash

Today’s Korea Times has two important articles today:

First, the Foreign Minister of Ghana came to Seoul and got a promise of a check:

President Roh Moo-hyun said Monday South Korea is going to expand its grant and credit assistance to Ghana so the two countries could further promote cooperative ties, according to Chong Wa Dae.

Roh hoped Ghana could share the South Korean experience of rapid economic growth through various exchange programs of government officials as well as the expanded aid, Jung said in a press release.

Of course, Ghana is a Security Council member. We have reported before here, here, and here on Ban’s campaign trips. By our estimates, Ban has promised $48 million in foreign aid to Uzbekistan ($30 million), Tanzania ($18 million), and promises for other exchanges with other countries. This is the second promise of foreign aid to an African Security Council member.

Ban is also holding a seminar on UN reform in Seoul:

The United Nations Association in South Korea will host an international seminar at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul on June 8-9 on the challenges the global organization is facing in the 21st century.

Foreign participants include Pera Wells of Australia, acting secretary-general of the World Federation of United Nations Associations; Jin Yongjian, president of the United Nations Association in China; and Mark Minton, deputy chief of mission of the U.S. Embassy in South Korea.

Does anyone else think it’s a strange juxtaposition to pass out money for votes and then campaign on reform? We will have an analysis of Ban’s CFR speech on reform later today. Presumably this wasn’t what Suzzane Nossel meant by “moral authority“?


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