US getting isolated in UNSG race?

This post doesn’t focus on any particular recent event. Instead, we are focusing on a question: Will the US get isolated by the UNSG race?

To explore the question and answer it, consider Ban Ki-moon’s candidacy. We consider him the frontrunner. Sathirathai is stalled by domestic political issues. And Dhanapala was recently in the US, but it was on the tails of Nirj Deva his fellow Sri Lankan. See UNSG’s comprehensive summary of travel, as ours is scattered throughout too many posts.

It is not clear that Ban has any committment to reform. He has not made many public statements on the issue. And he has a shaky record on human rights. These are the US’s signature issues at the United Nations. Can the US support a candidate who is bad on the issues? Not easily.

There is no way that, from the US point of view, Ban could be considered reliable. His party, the Uri Party, campaigned on anti-Americanism in 2004 to win their election. They did try to adjust after coming into power, but their strategic vision for the region is fundamentally different than the strongly pro-American GNP. And their electoral base is from the post-Korean War generation.

But there is no way that the US could block Ban if the other 4 P5 members supported him. That would end the alliance and create problems in the Six Party talks.

So it could very well be the case that Ban may not be acceptable to the US, but if he builds his coalition quickly enough, he may well be unbeatable, because the US cannot beat him. And it appears that he is doing it. There are several kinds of significances to the Greek endorsement. First, it raises the question of whether other European Peoples’ Party member parties are going to line up. These parties and ministers collaborate. Are others going to fall? France, Denmark, and Slovakia all are governed by EPP members.

So who does the US support? And does anyone believe that they are capable of making France advocate for their candidate? (In today’s environment, a US-sponsored candidate would be almost impossible) So it is the UK who has to advocate for the candidate?

What is the US solution to this problem?


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  1. Liza Says:

    Not that I’m impressed a lot, but this is a lot more than I expected for when I stumpled upon a link on Delicious telling that the info here is awesome. Thanks.

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