Where is Ban on Human Rights?

We just posted on an European Parliament hearing on North Korean Human Rights, but we thought we'd break out the important question into a different post. Here is the important question:

Where is Ban Ki-moon on Human Rights?

He has been endorsed by Uzbekistan and North Korea, two of the worst Human Rights abusers in the world. Human Rights Watch has summaries of Human Rights issues in North Korea and Uzbekistan. (before Ban's recent visit to Uzbekistan to provide aid and collect endorsements, it turns out that Uzbekistan forceably closed the UNHCR office there. One suspects that Ban did not raise the issue)

So our questions:

  1. Would Ban be a spokesman on Human Rights?
  2. Would Ban work to get countries to change their policies to come into compliance with international norms?

We imagine that with issues like Iran, Darfur, North Korea, etc., the UN's chief diplomat must stand for the values in the UN Charter and other international law.

Does Ban agree?


One Response to “Where is Ban on Human Rights?”

  1. Chapter15 » Blog Archive » Human Rights Council opens today Says:

    […] As previous posts have pointed out (here, here, and here), we are concerned about North Korea and Human rights. If a resolution comes up on Uzbekistan or Egypt, who have also endorsed Ban Ki-moon, will he support challenging their records? […]

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