Sri Lankan Dhanapala appeals to US Conservatives

The Washington Times, the conservative Washington, DC newspaper associated with Korean Rev. Moon, reports that Dhanapala met with them to discuss his candidacy:

Mr. Dhanapala was in Washington meeting with State Department officials, members of Congress and think tanks to convince them of his reformist agenda and bridge-building style.

This whole meeting raises interesting questions. What will the role of reform be? And, furthermore, what role will the new UNSG take in the relationship between the United States and the rest of the world. Dhanapala speaks to some of these questions:

Balancing the interests of the United States against those of other nations "does not mean turning a [blind] eye to what is wrong and evil in the world," he said.

What to make of this?

Update: The Dhanapala campaign seems to be using Talking Points Memo, a left-leaning American blog aggregator as another way to get out their message and stories of their travels. Note that all the postings are under the user "AsiaNews"

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  1. Chapter15 » Blog Archive » Sathirathai Offers Dhanapala job to get out? Says:

    […] One is left to wonder who exactly is giving this to the Times. Both Dhanapala and Ban Ki-moon have tried to cozy up to US conservatives (Bolton?) by working with the Times. Surely it does not help Dhanapala to have rumors flying around about him dropping out. […]

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