Has Sathirathai’s Candidacy Become unThaied?

Excitings things are afoot in Thailand.

Prime Minister Thaksin has announced that he will resign, and he will become a caretaker Prime Minister. The next Prime Minister candidate, sure to win, will be picked from among the senior deputies to Thaksin. So what does this mean for Sathirathai's candidacy? He says:

The dissolution does not affect the candidature of Dr. Surakiart Sathirathai, who remains Deputy Prime Minister until the new cabinet is formed and sworn in.

In other words: "nothing"… I'm not sure that's true. And that's not what Mr. Ban would say. But we'll leave that for our next post….

Update: UNSG.org: says:

Almost everyone I speak with has written off Surakiart’s campaign. A former UN official in Washington described his campaign as “a joke.” A prominent UN correspondent in New York wrote, “I can’t emphasize enough how much opposition is growing in Thailand to Suriakart. The Bangkok papers point out his many flaws, including his lack of multilateral experience.”  Recently, Surakiart has even been pushed to the point of threatening a libel suit against a former ambassador of his own country for dismissing his qualifications for the office.

One Response to “Has Sathirathai’s Candidacy Become unThaied?”

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    […] Local politics has already had an important impact on the UNSG race. Sathirathai's candidacy has been stopped in its tracks by the political crisis in his home country. Ban Ki-moon may have domestic troubles for a little bit. […]

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