Ban picking up ASEAN support?

While Sathirathai is suffering from political troubles in his home country, Korean candidate and Foreign Minister travels Ban Ki-moon travels to his backyard and gives the Indonesians nuclear technology.

This is interesting. This is the third major Muslim country that Ban has made serious outreach to, the others being Egypt and Uzbekistan, both of whom have endorsed Ban's candidacy.

Is a Korean going to be the Muslim candidate? Would China tolerate a Muslim-Korean alliance? In some sense, Ban has locked up leaders of the Arab Muslim world and the Turkic Muslim world. Now he's working on the Indo-Sinic Muslim world.

And where is Ban traveling next? And what else is he offering people?

One Response to “Ban picking up ASEAN support?”

  1. Ban passing out more cash « Chapter15 Says:

    […] This appears to be Ban’s modus operandi. He flies in, offers foreign aid, and gets collects support. This is what he did in Uzbekistan also. offered a similar proposal to Uzbekistan which subsequently offered its endorsement. And he offered nuclear technology to Indonesia. […]

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