Welcome to a new blog on the United Nations Secretariat (described in Chapter 15 of the UN Charter.

 This is a very important time for the UN. Reform issues have come to the forefront of debate. Scandals have attacked the inegrity of the institution. And, at the same time, the UN and the Security Council are more important than ever. There are more peacekeeping operations, more forces turning countries' attention inward — especially the US and the EU –, and more disagreement about the role of international institutions.

 In politics, we are often lucky to have elections at a crisis. They often raise the issues in debate. While all these debates about the UN are occuring, we are having an election for the Secretary-General of the UN.

This blog will be following this election closely. We will discuss the candidates, the current events, and their positions on the issues that are wracking the UN.

This is an opportunity for our world to come together on a post-Cold War vision for, perhaps, the first time. Hopefully we can help show our readers how this plays out. And, perhaps, participate in that debate in our own way.

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